COVID-19 Operational Updates-CFMRI

Cancellation & Sanitization Policy Changes: Effective Monday, June 14th 2021

To the CFMRI User Community:

For the past year, we have implemented policy changes to ensure smooth and safe operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, while still remaining cognizant of the ongoing research needs of the community.

These changes included a temporary pause of the cancellation policy, strict sanitization protocols, and new booking requirements.

In light of the improving situation and recent changes in campus and CDC recommendations, we will be updating our policies with changes to take effect on Monday, June 14th.

Cancellation and Pilot Hour policy

We will be resuming our standard policy as described at

Sanitization Protocols

Please wipe down the head coil (DO NOT DIRECTLY SPRAY THE HEAD COIL) and any padding that came in contact with the subject at the end of your session. No other surfaces need to be sanitized. Since we have narrowed the scope of sanitization and removed the 30-minute gap requirement, please plan to complete this within your scheduled time slot.

30-Minute Gap Between Bookings No Longer Required

We will no longer require a 30-minute gap between bookings. As a reminder, groups should plan on completing all scan-related activities (preparation, scanning, clean up) within the scheduled time slot.

In keeping with UCSD policy on indoor masking, masks are still required to be worn within CFMRI (except in individual offices). As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or to ask questions to onsite staff. We look forward to continuing our support for your projects and providing a safe and productive research environment.

CFMRI Ramp-Up Forms:

UCSD Center for Functional MRI: COVID-19: Research Ramp-Up Policies & Procedures

In an effort to provide a safe imaging environment for the research projects that we support, the following policies and procedures will be implemented at the UCSD Center for Functional MRI (CFMRI) during the initial research ramp-up phases at UC San Diego. Current policies are focused on maintaining compliance in the “Orange” phase of the UCSD research ramp-up guidelines, and are subject to change as the situation evolves.

During the initial phases of the reopening of CFMRI to human imaging studies, only research projects/PI’s who have submitted all of the required documentation (, and who have received final approval to begin imaging during the “orange” phase of the research ramp-up plan will be permitted to resume MRI sessions at CFMRI. For some studies, the population of interest, procedures, or study requirements may result in a need to postpone your imaging sessions until we enter a less restrictive phase of the ramp-up plan.

CFMRI staff are working to ensure that appropriate policies and safe-guards are in place so that the facility can be available for imaging during the orange phase of the research ramp-up plan.

Please send any questions or comments to

For UCSD-specific requirements and guidelines, please review the UC San Diego Research Ramp-Up Guidelines available at

Familiarize your team with the CDC COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines

Recruitment & Appointment Scheduling

MRI Booking Requirements

  • Staff & RV & essential guests (if applicable) must be identified (Staff initials, RV ID, guest relationship to RV) in booking description

Pre-Scan Reminder, Screening & Instructions (~24 hours prior to appointment)

  • RE-screen RVs and all visitors one day prior to the appointment, and again on the day of the scan
  • Inform RVs they are required to wear a facial covering and to use hand sanitizer/wash their hands upon entering the facility. The study group should be prepared to provide RVs with an MRI-safe face-mask. See section “PPE Requirements” below.

Upon Arrival at UCSD

  • All staff, RVs, and visitors must use the provided automatic hand sanitizer upon entry to the facility

PPE Requirements

  • All faculty, staff, study team members, RVs, and essential visitors will be required to wear a facial covering while within the facility (UCSD policy)
    • In some circumstances, RVs may remove their mask briefly if it is a requirement for a study procedure and if the project received approval in the “alternative risk mitigation” plan documents (submitted during the orange phase approval process)
  • MRI safety and compatibility of face-masks must be assessed
    • The study group should be prepared to provide RVs with an MRI-safe face-mask
    • In many cases, the small metal nose bridge can be easily removed from a mask
    • Face-masks without a metal nose bridge are available for purchase from some online vendors
    • The “Welcome Kit” supplied by UCSD to all approved projects contains a small supply of cloth masks that are MR safe and should not generate noise in MR images
  • Disposable gloves may be used but can give a false sense of protection and allow cross- contamination
    • Frequent and habitual hand-washing (without gloves) is likely better than wearing one set of disposable gloves for an extended period of time without washing them
  • RVs should NOT wear their own gloves into the facility
  • In cases where gloves are used, proper glove usage should be reviewed by the study team and explained to participants
  • Due to the high demand and limited supply of gloves at this time, each group should plan to supply gloves to the RV and study team at times when gloves are required/recommended
  • CFMRI will attempt to maintain a supply of gloves, but cannot guarantee availability at every scan session

COVID-19: UCSD Center for fMRI Operational Updates

We are committed to providing up to date center-specific safety information and operational updates. The user mailing list and this site will be used to provide regular information regarding the status of the imaging center and any changes in campus policies that might affect our operation.

Additional COVID-19 Information

UCSD Official updates: