Emergency Power Shutoff

When should I use the electrical power emergency shutdown button?
  • Use the emergency power shutdown button when there is a fire in or near the MRI rooms, or if there is damage to the scanner that can be prevented by shutting down the electrical power (Note: shutting down the electrical power does not remove the magnetic field).
How do I shut off the electrical power to the scanner in case of an emergency?
  • You can shut down the power by pushing the red triangle button on the keyboard or on the front of the magnet next to the bore entry.
  • Or you can push the red buttons behind the plasic cover on the wall inside the control room (next to the control room door) or inside the manget room (right next to the control room door). These buttons will shut down the main transformer and cut off electrical power to the entire MRI system.
What do I do after I use the emergency power shutoff?
  • Please do not attempt to turn the power back on by yourself. Instead, report your use of the emergency power system to CFMRI technical staff.

Quenching the Scanner

What should you do if the magnet quenches?
  • Do not panic.
  • Prop open the door between the operator room and the hallway.
  • Prop open the door to the magnet room.
  • Instruct any person in the magnet room to leave immediately and help them if it is safe to do so.
  • Evacuate all personnel from the area until the air is restored to normal.
When should you use the quench button?
  • The quench button is to be used only in the case of an emergency in which a person is injured and the only safe way to avoid further injury is to decrease the magnetic field strength of the magnet.
What happens when the quench button is pushed?
  • Pushing the quench button will cause the liquid helium that cools the magnet to rapidly boil off. The quench pipe above the magnet is designed to allow the helium vent outside of the building. If the quench pipe fails, there is a danger that the magnet room will be filled with helium and that the oxygen in the room will be displaced, which could cause injury or death for anybody in the magnet room or the console room during a quench.
Why is the quench button only used in case of emergency?
  • Quenching the magnet can be dangerous due to the rapid boil off of helium which creates dangerously high pressures and could displace oxygen from the room. A quench could cause permanent, irreparable damage to the magnet. If the magnet survives the quench it will have to be recharged which is very costly and time consuming.
Where is the quench button?
  • The quench button is on the quench box which is mounted on the side wall inside each magnet room. Lift the spring loaded plastic cover to access the button.

Gauss Lines

The 5, 10 and 200 Gauss lines are marked on the floor of each magnet room. These Gauss lines serve as a reminder that you are inside a magnetic field which increases sharply as you move closer to the magnet. The 5 Gauss line (the outermost line) defines the limit beyond which ferromagnetic objects are strictly prohibited.

Fire Extinguisher

Where Can I Find a Magnet Safe Fire Extinguisher?
  • There is a magnet safe fire extinguisher inside each magnet room next to the door. This fire extinguisher is blue and white. Please note, that the red fire extinguishers should not be taken into the magnet room at any time. Red fire extinguishers are ferromagnetic and present a serious hazard in the magnet room.